PureSecurity – Since 2003, keeping business secured.

Welcome to PureSecurity. We specialise in combining best practice in security products, processes and services with a consulting process that is based around the idea that your security infrastructure is the best method for you to control what your business uses its IT Resources for, and to ensure that you are getting the most out of your technology.

Security is an ongoing process, which encompasses a number of technical, business and compliance technologies and processes. PureSecurity specialises in providing fully-integrated solutions for SOM (Security Operations Management) through creative use of technology and a common-sense, business focused approach to management and compliance.

We do this through forming a business relationship with our customers that focuses on Security as an essential part of your business, not only as an additional risk that needs to be managed. This allows our customers to regain control over their IT systems and ensure that they are Secure (allowing them to be used for essential business functions) and also Secured (keeping them in a Secure state, through proper change management and best-practice maintenance process).

PureSecurity has a small, but wide customer list, including household names in Manufacturing, Travel, Telecommunications, Finance and Banking verticals. We have also been used by much larger service organisations and integrators as an area specialist to augment their offerings and assist in projects.

PureSecurity is recognised as a Check Point Silver Partner. PureSecurity is also the sole Australian distributor and reseller of Tufin Technologies’ SecureTrack SOM Auditing and compliance Suite.

PureSecurity is a registered trademark.

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