Tufin Technologies releases SecureTrack 4.1 HF1

16 March, 2008

4th March 2008 - Tufin Technologies has released the latest version of its flagship SecureTrack product. Contact PureSecurity if you are interested in evaluating this.

Tufin Releases SecureTrack 4.1 HF1

What's new in HF1?


  • Business-Ownership Change Reporting - Let specific people know about rule changes that affect the traffic to or from the networks they manage. This report includes information on changes that allow or block traffic for specific network segments.
  • Baseline Settings Compliance Report - Compare SmartDefense settings and Global Properties of the
         security policies on Check Point management servers against a properly defined management server
         used as a baseline for the others.

Compliance Alerts

Receive alerts on changes to traffic flow (blocked/allowed) resulting in a violation of pre-defined corporate guidelines. The alert pinpoints the exact change responsible for the violation, lists new security risks that were introduced, and details business critical services that were affected by the change.

This can be implemented for two types of traffic as follows:

  • Business-critical traffic - traffic that should always be allowed.
  • High security risk traffic - traffic that should always be blocked.

Rule and Object Usage Report Enhancements

  • NAT Rule Usage - SecureTrack now displays statistics on the usage of automatic as well as manual
         NAT rules (most-used, least-used and unused NAT rules).
  • Object Usage for group members - The Object Usage functionality now allows drill-down to individual
         group members providing usage data for each object.

Enterprise Manageability

SecureTrack migration from SW to Appliance - data is converted to allow a seamless migration from your current server to any of the Tufin SecureTrack appliance solutions.

For a complete description of new HF1 features, please click here.

If you are interested in evaluating SecureTrack in your business, contact us and we'll arrange a trial.


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