PureSecurity is proud to be the Australian Distributor for SecureTrack™, an innovative solution to Rulebase and Security Auditing and Management developed by Tufin Techologies.

SecureTrack provides an innovative solution to Rulebase management and auditing. It works by taking a snapshot of every policy Save or Install action on the Check Point Provider-1 or SmartCenter manager, and storing these in a custom database. The easy-to-use web interface provides a means to review policy changes between any two snapshots, thus allowing a true historical view of past configurations and the changes made over a period of time to be tracked.

SecureTrack also provides a real-time compliance and auditing strategy to be implemented through its auditing and compliance tools. This tracks all changes against an audit policy that reflects your Firewall compliance policy, ensuring that correct access and logging processes are maintained, and that any breach of this through accident or fraud are immediately alerted.

This is complimented by powerful reporting functions that track administrator activity and rule usage. All reports can be delivered via email or file attachment for easy insertion into security reports or change management systems. This allows you to tailor the information you need as a Security Manager, as well as making the process of management and auditing of your security system a continuous and ultimately more secure system.

SecureTrack runs on standard Redhat Enterprise Linux. More information can be found at the SecureTrack website.

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